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Our Consulting aims to boost your organisational value

How do we work?

If you expect improvement in one of the below areas we would like to hear from you.
Firstly we will speak to you to understand your expectations.
Than we will go through the actual process, state to understand the gap between your expectaions and what's happening right now.
After identifying gaps we will explore for best options to boost your perfromance within specific area.
We will guide you on how to apply and sustain best practices for an ongoing success.
Here are the areas where we can enhance your potential and support your organisation in getting best results...

We will help you with:

- Inventory management.
- Demand Planning Processes
- Proces development and improvement
- Building and developing Cross - Functional Teams
- Setting up foundations of Supply Chain and Operations
- Creating Value Driven Operations - Operational Excellence

Below are short stories around some key organisational headaches:

Inventory is cash. Your cash is king. We as Expementor Team will use our knowledge and experience to coach and guide your team to effectively manage your stock. This is extremely challanging task to work out best and most optimum inventory level. We understand what impact on organisation it might have once there is insufficient stock level. That will kill your reputation while not delivering what your customers desire, due to shortages. On the other hand excessive inventory, kills your cash flow, which creates a risk on your solvency. We understand how to approach inventory management to support you to work out possibly best solution to avoid risk associated with your stocks.

Having a process is a good thing. But having a robust, clear, coherent process is one more step towards success. I can easily imagine huge files and folders containg tones of Standard Operating Procedures, which in fact very few understand them, and only some adhere to. My experience tell me that this happens in good number of organisations. Lack of clear, robust processes can cause ineffective operations, confusion, underperformance and staff frustration. Value then might be affected which in result might make customers to turn around and walk away. It is critical to understand that every single step within the process should contribute towards customer's perceived value. Otherwise we might fail to succeed. It is a challenging but fascinatig task to establish what the values are and how to support its delivery with relevant, robust processes.

There are many factors determining organisational success. Delivering value to customers is the most critical one. Value cannot be delivered in isolation. Value flow - delivery of product or service always starts and ends with the customer. It flows through various stages and functions of organisation. Each step shall contribute and add its part within the value stream. The issue is where specific departments, or team members treats the role as a seperate and standalone activity. It is criticsal to understand that none of the function within business can work in isolation. Each of them must join the dots to collectively contribute towards customer's perceioved value.
If the dots are not connected it might affect your overall perfromance and customers dissatisfaction.

We would be delighted if we could hear from you...

Please drop us an email or call us, so we can learn, how we could help.